Our world is falling apart. A world seemingly small to people dealing with death, loss of income, and self-isolation. But the seemingly small things to others, can make up another's entire world.

Seniors around the world have had memories robbed from them. Here, in Duval county, all senior activities outside of graduation have been cancelled. As graduation plans hang on by a thread, students and parents are left uneasy. In neighboring counties, like Clay County, graduation has been cancelled. This cancellation came with loud uproar from an upward moving number of 10,309 people. This is the forward moving count of the people signing a petition to postpone Clay County graduations, rather than cancelling them. This devastating virus seems to have affected the seniors more than other classes in the United States. When talking to Rebecca Winnx from the United Kingdom, she expressed how her heart aches from the abrupt end of her senior year. Her small-town school was interrupted and abruptly finished within two days of information being announced to the parents and students. It was then that she realized she would not be able to celebrate all the positive things her class did for the school and the community. As for here in Duval county, I got many negative responses concerning graduation. Peyton from Baker county said it feels horrible to do “all that hard work for almost nothing”. Gabriella Saldana says, “at least she [went] to prom last year” because the opportunity has been taking away from the class of 2020. Duval county has been one of the few counties to shine hope on to the students.

On April 3rd the Superintendent of Duval County public schools sent out a survey for all seniors to take. Instead of cancelling graduation, she gave us to opportunity to share our thoughts on how the situation is being handled. She provided seniors with approximately 6 options as an alternative to traditional graduation ceremonies. Some of the options included: Drive through ceremony, drive up ceremony, virtual graduation, and postponing traditional graduation. When asking my fellow classmates at Robert E.Lee high school the majority of my peers choose the drive-up ceremony. This type of ceremony was described as a parade like graduation. Seniors and their families are allowed to pack into a single vehicle and listen to the ceremony. They will do a parade style line out of an area and receive their diplomas. For many seniors, this is not the graduation they were anticipating, but they are happy Duval county has not decided to cancel graduation all together. The current standings are such that Duval county graduations are scheduled as normal, St.John's county graduations have been cancelled, and Clay county’s superintendent has not responded to the situation.

Many seniors are devastated by how theCorona Virus has affected their senior year. We are aware of how terrible this is for the entire world, but compassion is all we’re looking for.