What We've Done

Within the last year, we have become a leading voice for students in Jacksonville. When our city reached a new peak in its crime rate and the school board began placing metal detectors in our high schools, the Young Leaders of Today quickly took action to organize a student-led round table called “Shhh... Let the Youth Speak” that brought over one hundred attendees. In March of this year, we partnered with Congressman Al Lawson to bring together students, elected officials, school board members, and community leaders to address the state of the youth, shortly after our mayor presented his state of the city address. In December of 2019, we worked with Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit State Attorney and Public Defender’s offices to present an event about the juvenile justice system and the school to prison pipeline in Jacksonville.

When we were not organizing events, our Executive Board worked to develop the organization’s core programs. In 2020,the Young Leaders of launch Political-ish, a student-led media platform that will feature a new blog and podcast that will engage students throughout the state of Florida. We will also launch an initiative to pre-register 2000 students by the end of the year 2020. In addition to our student media platform and pre-registration initiative, we will also launch Jacksonville‘s first student fellowship program.

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